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CNN Hero turns a crumbling computer into a game-changer

CNN Hero turns a crumbling computer into a game-changer

This CNN Hero upcycles old computers to open new worlds for young Kenyans

A local youth development organization has turned a crumbling computer into a world-changing tool. CNN Hero was the first to show the potential of a donated IBM computer that was then turned into a game-changer.

It’s called “InvisiCon” and as long as you’re a kid, it’s the coolest game you’ll ever play.

“InvisiCon was developed by an 18-year-old man named Henry who, as a child, used his mom’s computer at school to play a game called ‘Super Mario Brothers’,” said John Lomax, CNN Hero’s creator.

He’s a kid. That’s what makes this project so special.

“I’m a software engineer and I have a degree in computer science and I’ve never had to use a machine before,” said Henry.

“I never really had an interest in computers at all. I always loved video games and when I was 12 or 13 I used my mom’s computer to play Super Mario Brothers, basically just like how I play it now,” he said.

That’s his mom’s computer.

“When I was going to the computer store to buy my mom’s computer, they just gave me one of these boxes and I picked it up, opened it up and said I’ll play whatever I want with this computer and they just said, ‘Yeah, you can.'”

“It was an IBM mainframe that took up the entire room when I was little and there was no mouse or keyboard or anything so I just sat with it, and I kept using it as a drawing board, I mean I would just play all these video games and then I’d put them together,” he said.

“My mom’s computer was just a desktop computer but it had a mouse and it had a keyboard so I kept playing video games on it that way and I would put the video game I was playing on there and I would move it around and I would use it as my drawing board and I would do all these

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