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Halloween is too old.

Halloween is too old.

Letters to the Editor: In an era of climate change, we’re doing Halloween wrong

This year’s Halloween is even too old. It was in 2014, when Halloween fell around Halloween and we were all supposed to dress up and go trick. It was supposed to be a one time event with traditions; like dressing in black or wearing a costume that involved the entire family. But since Halloween is a big holiday and I live on a college campus I had to wear my costume to class. So I dressed as part of a zombie invasion that got me the approval of my professors. I showed up with a black trench coat, black gloves and a red ski mask.

Since I am not a fan of being on camera my mask covered much of my face; so I felt a little uncomfortable the whole day. I wore the costume to class and the professor, knowing I was making a fool of myself, asked me to remove it. I removed it like he asked, but then I put it back on again because it was not my costume and I wanted to show him how much I loved him by wearing it. It was at this point I felt I had done it justice and also it was an excuse to show my zombie arms.

Being in the costume was an experience; I looked pretty much like a zombie, and I did not want to take it off. My classmates laughed at first, but over time they got it and began to recognize me and talk to me. All of a sudden a bunch of people were talking to my face, making jokes, holding my hand, singing and dancing in my face. It was a surreal experience. It was an opportunity to feel like a human, and a chance to be in a group of people who actually knew me. I never got that feeling in a group of people I knew; or any for that matter. I had a feeling I was in a group of zombies, and that is how I saw it. It was like the movie, Zombieland.

Zombie costumes are supposed to be a symbol of the undead, not a way to ridicule and shame those who wear them. I feel Halloween is a time to celebrate being alive, to celebrate life and the spirit

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