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How a Vermonter Buys a House in Silver Lake

How a Vermonter Buys a House in Silver Lake

How you can tell it’s fall in L.A., according to a guy from Vermont who bought a house here.

A little more than a month ago, a guy from Vermont bought a house on the east side of L.A. – just a short walk from Universal Studios and a few blocks from the Hollywood Bowl.

John Littler, who lives on a lake in Vermont, bought the four-bedroom, three-bath apartment with a pool on the 6,000-square-foot block on the edge of Fairfax Avenue in Silver Lake. It’s one of many rentals in the area, at least according to Littler.

It’s also one of the most expensive ones to rent in town. In the last three weeks, he’s rented the apartment for more than $14,500.

“I could have rented it for $1,550 a month,” Littler told KTLA/5. “I took advantage of it.”

We’re not sure how he could afford it. But Littler’s a guy who’s used to splurging on things. For instance, he says, he bought a new motorcycle for $6,500.

Before buying the apartment, Littler visited Silver Lake, which is home to a quarter of a million people. You can almost buy a house in Silver Lake as easily as you buy a house in L.A.

“In the middle of the street, it was absolutely gorgeous,” Littler said. The buildings in the area are well-designed and well-maintained, with well-manicured grass and landscaping, and sidewalks on level streets.

But even so, Littler says he didn’t know what to expect. How would a guy that was about to buy a house in Silver Lake feel when he made it clear that he wasn’t buying a condo?

“I knew I was renting, so I was pretty nervous,” he said

If you look at the website for the Silver Lake Homeowners Association, you find out that it was established in 2001, and that it’s had a lot of positive changes to make Silver Lake a more pleasant place to live in – including offering a variety of rental opportunities

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