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How the Marvel Comics Has Impacted Young People

How the Marvel Comics Has Impacted Young People

‘They erase everything’: For this ‘Black Panther 2’ star, representation is resistance

Black Panther, Avengers and the other Marvel movies have been a long-standing inspiration for many young people. But the success of the Marvel comics has had a dramatic impact on young Black people, particularly in the US.

Many young people have developed a love for Marvel through the comics, a love that has inspired many young people to start their own fan clubs and even create their very own comic series.

The series ‘Black Panther’ has been especially popular in the US. In addition to being one of the most acclaimed African American superhero movies of all time, it’s also had quite an impact on young people who have started their own fan clubs and even decided to produce their own comic book series.

In Black Panther’s world, white people are “non-compliant” and even if the white people in the movie wanted to integrate into the Black community and their beliefs, they couldn’t.

“It’s really interesting that they [the white characters or the American audience] accept this black image of themselves and reject the image of the Black Panther… so we’re telling young people that they can break the mould,” said Mariah Woods, a 16-year-old student at Georgia’s Emory University, in Georgia.

“It’s important that we talk to young people about it because it’s a very real issue,” said Ms. Woods.

Ms. Woods’ role model is none other than T’Challa himself.

While many young people are inspired by the Black Panther, many do not agree with the character’s ideology of self-reliance and self-determination.

When asked how this can be taught to young people, Ms. Woods said: “It’s a complicated issue and we have so many issues and so many struggles in our lives, we have to find a way to teach them to be able to deal with these complicated things.”

“It’s not easy to be

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