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Ivanka’s Name Is Not Donald Trump

Ivanka’s Name Is Not Donald Trump

Many Flags but No Ivanka

In my family, my mother’s maiden name is Trump, and my father’s is Zuckerman, but my mother’s maiden name in our family, my mother and maternal grandmother, are Jewish. It is my belief that her ancestry is Jewish. The other part of my mother’s lineage is Indian.

This is an aspect of my family that was not discussed in my conversation with my cousin who is Muslim. She was raised by a Jewish mother and therefore never knew that she had Indian heritage. She thought she was the only girl in the world with Indian heritage and was the only girl ever mentioned in her mother’s family tree. On the other hand, my mother told me that she was raised by a German couple, and her mother is of German heritage, which is also a part of the Indian lineage. I told my cousin that I would not mention this to others. That is because I do not wish to change the family history of my ancestors like I changed the family history of my friends.

This is why I cannot believe that Ivanka’s mother is Jewish.

The first thing I thought about when meeting Ivanka was the name of her father. It is not Donald, as my mother says, but “Donald Trump.” Who is this? I do not know who he is. I am a mother of two daughters, and if I were reading her email then the answer would immediately come to my mind, and this is why I don’t want to write about it. However, it happened to be the most important thing that happened to me in the last 30 days.

The second thing I thought about was the name of his mother. I was born in 1982, and in my daughter’s generation the name, Ivanka, is quite unusual, even within the family of women. People often ask her father why she changed her name. My daughter told me that she was surprised when she learned that her name had changed, because she was always very proud of her name. It was a name she chose by herself.

A few days ago I had invited my daughter to my home. I received news that Ivanka and her husband had visited China. At first I thought it was an error in the computer program, but then I thought that maybe it was some mistake in translation. But then I was sure that it

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