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Omaha Synagogue Shooter Kills One Man, Injures Seven

Omaha Synagogue Shooter Kills One Man, Injures Seven

1 person killed and 7 others injured in Nebraska shooting at Jewish synagogue

Police outside the Chabad House, which was hosting a Chabad-affiliated wedding.

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A man opened fire in a crowded synagogue in Omaha, Nebraska, on Saturday morning, killing one man and wounding seven others, police said.

“When this tragic event occurred, we were in a state of shock. Everything had a surreal feeling to it,” Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert said.

The incident took place at the Chabad House, a synagogue built in 1925, according to the New York Times.

“Police have been unable to determine the motive behind the shooting,” said Steve Maxwell, a member of the state’s police union, USA. “But when you see a crime occur in a house of worship, with so many families who are present, it’s something that needs to be considered.”

At least one person was dead from the incident and police confirmed that two people remained in critical condition.

“It’s a synagogue, and a lot of families are attending the event. It’s safe right now,” Stothert said at the time. “They’ll have a plan in case anything happens. They’ll have security there, and they will have people to help and protect them.”

Video surveillance cameras showed the man opening fire in the synagogue’s main sanctuary during morning services, according to the Times.

Omaha Police Chief Troy Zia said police had not yet identified the shooter, but he didn’t know for sure whether the suspect was targeting the Chabad House, the Times reported.

“This is a very fluid situation, and we don’t want to speculate on motives, but we do know we have a suspect in custody, and we’re moving forward aggressively to identify him and make sure the safety of the community is protected moving forward,” Maxwell told the Times.

Omaha is a city of about 70,300 people.

Chabad House Rabbi Gershon Moskowitz said there were already six wedding party members in the synagogue when the shooting began, according to the Times. Police were able to save

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