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Roger Federer: “I want to see Roger Federer win the ultimate prize”

Roger Federer: “I want to see Roger Federer win the ultimate prize”

See Roger Federer share tears and laughter with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper

Roger Federer on Sunday shared tears and laughter with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who had just seen him live.

In the interview, Federer talked about how much he loved Wimbledon final and that he wants to see his idol Roger Federer win the “ultimate” prize. Federer also talked about what it was like to be compared to his friend and former mentor Stan Wawrinka on his personal level.

“If I am in a final against Pete [Rous], I will try my best for him and take pleasure in it. I had the opportunity to play with Pete in the last four years, and I always had a special connection. But I am here as a player and as a man in this moment. My first thought is to thank my family and my fans of Roger Federer for having me for the last four years,” Federer said during the interview.

“I love my family, I love the country, I love my fans for all the support, and to have all the people here here means a lot,” he said. “I want to thank my family and my friends, and all the people who had to see me here on Wimbledon final. And I would like to thank the people and the media who had the opportunity to watch me live and saw me in the last four years. I am happy because they saw my talent and the way I competed and how I approached the match and everything. And we have to have that kind of mentality.”

Federer added that he wants to see Roger Federer win the “ultimate” prize. And in his interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Federer said that a win for him this year would not compare to winning the “ultimate” prize.

“I want to win the French Open. I think I have the chance to win in three weeks in Paris. If I win that, great. If I win the Australian Open, that is not as far away as Wimbledon, great. And then in the

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