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Teva says it is cooperating with the WHO over the latest scandal involving cough syrup

Teva says it is cooperating with the WHO over the latest scandal involving cough syrup

India halts production of cough syrups suspected of links to child deaths

The World Health Organization calls the sale of cough syrups made with a banned substance an “unacceptable breach of the public’s trust”.

The agency says sales of the cough medicines have remained suspended due to the ban.

Grocery store chains and big retailers have taken action, calling the sale of unlicensed medicines “unacceptable”.

The latest incident took place on Tuesday.

The US-based pharmaceutical company Teva, which makes the products, has said it is fully cooperating with the WHO.

“We believe in science, and we are proud of our products that are made of tried and true ingredients and manufactured following rigorous Good Manufacturing Practices,” Teva said in a statement to the AFP.

Teva said it is “deeply concerned” by reports that the cough syrup has caused serious harm to children and their families in many countries, including India, Ethiopia, Pakistan and Brazil.

The products contain codeine in high doses, which is banned because it can cause addiction, and in extremely low doses, which is suspected to have a very serious side effect on unborn babies — the foetus being at high risk of developing chronic lung disease.

The company had a market share of around 9 percent in the global cough syrup market.

“We are deeply concerned regarding this product, based on facts and scientific evidence, the product causes many serious side effects on children, including an overdose of codeine,” Dr Jose Rodriguez-Lazaro, Acting Director of Emergency Services at the World Health Organization, said in a statement.

“We, therefore, ask for a suspension of all sales to countries with reported usage.”

Teva said it was “aware of media reports about the alleged side effects of codeine” and “the need for a clinical trial for the safety of this particular product”.

The company said it was already offering free samples of its products to reporters who wanted to find out more about the product.

“We will provide more information to the public and continue to cooperate with the WHO,” the company said in a statement.

India is the world’s fourth largest cough syrup consumer, accounting for just under a third of global sales, according to Euromonitor International, a London-based industry analyst.

On Monday, at least six people were injured

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