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The Civil Rights Movement: The Democratic Debate

The Civil Rights Movement: The Democratic Debate

GREG GUTFELD: Focus on small talk, not woke talk.

The Democratic debate comes at a time when America is at the beginning of an historic cultural moment when we’re increasingly comfortable talking about race with each other. You’re probably well aware of this, from the days of Anita Hill going before a Senate committee, through Donald Trump being called out by members on the floor, to the Twitter moment after last night’s debate when former vice president Joe Biden said, this is what we’re talking about. It’s time to bring up the civil rights movement again.

GREG GUTFELD: And now, a president who believes that all of us can be racist.


BOB SCHIEFFER: Welcome back to HARDBALL. I’m Bob Schifter.

President Trump is making it clear that while he plans to spend the next two years of his presidency dealing with policy, he’s not going to spend the next two years dealing with the way we talk about race in America.

Now, just over a week into the White House, we’re going to ask them what they think is our biggest problem.

Let’s bring in the guests of the night. Senator Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, New Jersey, and former vice president Joe Biden.

GREG GUTFELD, ABC NEWS: You know, when it comes to race in America and you have a black president, how — how do you navigate that?

SEN. CORY BOOKER: I think the way to navigate that is twofold. Number one, as a black person who is trying to work with the White House staff, I understand that there are always going to be people who want to undermine our work, but the way you do that is to come together and work for a common good. And in our case, if you look at the work we have done, you see a vision for a nation for people to come to be free from the scourge of poverty and crime.

So, for us to not be a country that is constantly at war with itself is not an alternative. It

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