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The Democratic Party’s Biggest Political Debate in 2021

The Democratic Party’s Biggest Political Debate in 2021

Republicans ready to ride a red wave into the Democratic stronghold of New England in November with Trump and Clinton running the ticket

Barack Obama and then-Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick in the 2008 Democratic Primary campaign. Obama was nominated that fall to be his party’s nominee and went on to win the presidency in November. (Photo: AP)

On a night of historic importance for the Democratic Party, two candidates took the stage at the Massachusetts Convention and launched passionate, personal attacks against each other, drawing loud jeers from the audience.

As the two presidential candidates battled it out on national television, the mood in the hall was somber, but the excitement in the room was palpable. With the stakes as high as in a fight for a presidential nomination, the battle lines were drawn in Boston between a populist who calls for America to focus less on itself and a businessman who says capitalism must come first.

The two candidates will meet on Monday evening in the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia and there’s already plenty of momentum on their side.

A series of polls commissioned by the NBC New York/Wall Street Journal/Marist College Pollster shows Clinton and Trump tied at 52 percent apiece. The Clinton campaign says the race has tightened over the past few weeks, and she has a 10-point lead over GOP nominee Trump.

By contrast, a series of battleground state polls have tightened dramatically for Clinton and tightened even more for her Republican rival. Trump is up by double digits and has a 19-point lead in New England, with the rest of the country now trending red for the businessman-turned-politician.

In Massachusetts, Clinton and Trump are locked in a dead heat and the latest NBC/WSJ poll shows Clinton with a 5-point lead over Trump.

It’s an open secret in Massachusetts politics that the state’s biggest political debate will take place not on the dais in Philadelphia but in the state’s 9th Congressional district, which covers some of the most liberal parts of the state.

New England has long

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