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The Gasometer Band’s alleged assault victim is under investigation

The Gasometer Band’s alleged assault victim is under investigation

The Neighbourhood fires drummer after sexual assault allegations; details to come

The band’s drummer, who is not being named, was arrested on a charge of sexual assault. The singer is also in police custody on an unrelated charge.

”All we could really tell you at this point is that the charges are now officially under investigation,” said police.

The band was originally scheduled to perform at The Gasometer in North Vancouver on Saturday (June 11). The lineup has since been changed to include a new singer as well as the addition of a second drummer.

According to the band, the initial police statement was followed by a formal request for a band member to be suspended.

“We have been advised of the fact that the allegations are now under investigation and we respect the integrity of the process,” said a representative for the band.

“Any person who knew the victim in this matter will need to be made aware of the fact that she is currently under investigation.”

“At this point in time I can’t give any more details about any possible upcoming shows,” said a representative for the band in a prepared statement.

The band is not providing the name of the victim at this time. Due to the police investigation and the band’s reluctance to comment until all the facts are known, we are not naming the band member or the drummer arrested in connection with the alleged assault.

The band is currently working to secure a replacement drummer for its June 11 performance.

Bjorn D’Amour

“We are working very hard on getting a replacement drummer for the band, and hopefully we will have one shortly,” said the band’s representative.

“We have great respect for the process, and we are just waiting to get another drummer to play with us. I can’t do better than that. The band is

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