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The Los Angeles Times is evacuating after the shooting

‘L.A. in Crisis’: How to watch the town hall hosted by the L.A. Times and Fox 11 on the recent fatal shootings. (1:16)

Fox reporter Brian Todd told the public that the police are “running around frantically” as they search for a second suspect.

The Los Angeles Times issued a statement saying: “We understand the need to protect the public, therefore we will not run unconfirmed background checks for reporters who request such information. On this day, however, we remain in a state of mourning for all those involved, and in the newsroom, we are continuing to gather the facts around this tragedy.”

Todd described the scene at the L.A. Times newsroom late Tuesday.

“We have closed the building and have begun to evacuate. Employees have gathered outside, people are crying, we are taking pictures,” Todd told the Los Angeles Time staff.

“I feel the obligation to provide as much information to the public as possible, and I believe it is my right to do so.”

Todd said his information came from police radio calls.

The L.A. Times is a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper.

Police officials said Tuesday afternoon they did not know any new details about the shooting, with the first official briefing on the case scheduled for Wednesday in Van Nuys.

One neighbor, who identified himself only as Joe, told CNN he saw a “large black male” in a black SUV in the hours following the shooting.

“He was sitting in the front seat of the (SUV) talking with the LAPD,” Joe said.

Joe said he didn’t see the driver.

Neighbor Mary Ann Cawley told CNN she didn’t see the driver either.

“He is dark-complected and he was wearing a black hoodie, a white puffy coat,” said Cawley.

Cawley, who lives about a mile from the shooting scene, said, “I heard a series of shots, and then I saw some blood and then saw a black SUV come speeding down my street, and then my neighbor looked down at his phone and it was gone.”

Fox’s Todd said he had seen blood at the scene of the shooting — as well as evidence that a second person was involved —

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