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The President’s National Security Advisor is a convicted criminal

The President's National Security Advisor is a convicted criminal

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* * * * * * A Message from the President * * * * * A Message from the President * * * * *

January 23, 2001. Dear John,

We have just recently learned that the President’s national security advisor, John Rizzo, is a convicted criminal, with convictions in Florida, New York, and California. We also know that Rizzo’s work from the Office of Public Liaison is very extensive in the development of a “war council” on terrorism, and that he used his private security firm, International Assurance Associates, to make millions of dollars in advance payments on President Bush’s home.

Given the seriousness of these charges and the need to establish the President’s impartiality, I immediately directed the Director of Central Intelligence to conduct a thorough, complete, and independent review of Rizzo’s activities in the President’s name.

The Department of Homeland Security has also reviewed Rizzo’s extensive activities and brought suit against Rizzo for tax evasion, money laundering, and violation of RICO statutes. Rizzo has offered to cooperate with Homeland Security’s investigation, and has agreed to be interviewed by Homeland Security’s Inspector General. We are in the process of reviewing all of Rizzo’s financial records in an effort to discover how he amassed such a large personal financial deficit and to determine the source of these funds.

We will ensure that no funds from these cases are used to fund any White House campaign activities, and we are working within the law to prohibit these

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