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The Sinaloa cartel is a corrupt organization

The Sinaloa cartel is a corrupt organization

Colombia’s radical plan to conquer cocaine shipments

Colombia is the world’s top country for drug exports, second only to Mexico, and the country that actually does the drugs. But it is the United States, Canada, and Europe that have access to the Columbian cocaine market and bring the money back into the United States.

A government-controlled, corrupt organization, and a massive multinational corporation, the Colombian government, has no problem with this. The cocaine industry is controlled by “narco-oligarchs,” and the Colombian government has been working in cooperation with them since the 1980’s.

“I have a dream”: Colombia’s new drug laws

In the 1980’s and 1990’s, Colombia was a hotbed of cocaine production. The state protected the drug lords, and sent the profits from those cartels to the state: over $400 million dollars in the 1990’s alone.

But in the 2000’s, after the United States passed laws making all drugs illegal, corruption became rife, and cocaine production began to dry up.

“Now the entire industry is controlled by a single entity named Sinaloa cartel and they buy raw cocaine from the Mexican drug cartels, and ship it directly over to the United States,” said a source in the Colombian government.

Sinaloa cartel, is not a corporation; it is a loose-knit criminal syndicate made up of three groups of people, all of which are connected with the Colombian government. The cartels are not only controlled by Sinaloa cartel and its parent company in Mexico, they are run by the army, they are very important in the government.

“I have a dream”: Colombia’s new drug laws

The Sinaloa cartel is run by a group of war veterans and former military officers. These men are referred to as “the kings of Cocaine.” The drug lords are like gods, they receive more than $10,000 a day for their drug trafficking, which is a serious problem in Colombia.

“They are the king of drugs and they have all the power,” said a member of the Colombian government.

They control the cartels and the government, the drug lords also control the army, and they are also very powerful in Colombia.

Colombia’s new drug laws

The government wants to control the production and distribution of drugs in Colombia, therefore, it has created the

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