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Why Wisconsin Voters Should Be able to Get Out and Vote

Why Wisconsin Voters Should Be able to Get Out and Vote

I’m Mandela Barnes: This is why I want Wisconsin’s vote in the midterm election to be secret.

As the 2016 presidential election draws near, the state that holds a hotly contested governor’s race has become a place to watch, particularly in Wisconsin. And as we’ve seen with the contentious gubernatorial race in 2016 in which Republican candidate Tommy Thompson lost to the Democrat’s up-and-coming Democratic candidate, and with the contentious gubernatorial race this year in 2018 between two Democrats, Wisconsin appears to be a place for politics to thrive. This is in part because there are no “mainstream” candidates in either the Republican or Democratic Parties and Wisconsin has no major party’s presidential nomination process. This means that the “experts” who can help their party to win are few and far between, and therefore there are lots of “experts” who can help their party’s “favorite” come out ahead.

Thus, voters in Wisconsin have plenty of “experts” advising them to make sure that they get out to vote in the 2018 midterm election.

As I’ve written before, I am going to be going into the 2018 midterm election cycle with the view that voters in Wisconsin will have lots of “experts” telling them to get out and vote in 2018 so that Republicans can win, or Democrats can avoid having their governor lose in the election. But just because there are lots of voices saying that voters will do right by their party by getting out and voting, it’s also clear (to me) that some of them are wrong.

That’s why I want voters in Wisconsin to be able to select their “experts” and get advice without any of them being in the race, and then just get out and vote, without any of them knowing who their votes are being counted by or what their “experts” are telling them to do.

Now if you’re someone who is an “expert” on the issues, as many of us are, you have a particular interest in a certain cause and you go out to talk to others who share that interest. And when you meet other “expert” “expert” “

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